Arrived in Mwanza!

After over 40 hours of travelling, the four interns working with Mikono Yetu this summer have finally arrived in Mwanza!

We began our trip in Toronto on a 7 hour flight to Zurich, and then a second 10 hour flight to Dar es Salaam with a small stopover in Nairobi. We stayed at the Dar es Salaam airport for over 12 hours as our flight to Mwanza was not until the morning. The airport was quite small, with few seats. An initial security screening is required to pass into the check-in area, which is where we stayed overnight. Despite overweight bags, we managed to check in successfully!

After purchasing some samosas following the second security check, we waited for our flight to board. The minutes ticked by, closer and closer to our 6am flight, without any word from the airport personnel, who continually ushered us back to our seats to wait! As we watched 6am pass by on the clock, we were finally told that our flight was delayed for an hour, and after that hour, for another! At 8am, we finally boarded the flight to Mwanza and arrived a short hour later.

My uncle picked us up from the airport and brought us back to our apartment. It is very close to town, located near a lot of other hotels in a very lively area! The apartment is very clean and large, and with a lot of security measures, feels very safe.

The view up the hill from our apartment.

We got acquainted with our apartment, unpacked, and took cold showers! We have yet to figure out how to work the hot water here – but that’s a problem for tomorrow! A “quick” nap turned into 6 hours of sleep, after which my uncle came to pick us up for dinner at the Tilapia hotel. The food was incredible, and we sat right on Lake Victoria with a beautiful view of the lights of Mwanza across the lake.

We are all excited and anxious about our stay in Mwanza. The lifestyle is very different, with bustling streets, lots of noise late into the night, and a 6am sunrise. A note to add was that we can hear the azan call to prayer throughout the day for Ramadan, which adds a beautiful touch to the country we will call home for the next 4 months.

Talk to you all soon!



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