Day 4

Today is our last “vacation” day before we begin at Mikono Yetu!

We began the day pretty late, practicing Swahili and making breakfast together. I also did a bit of work preparing for Mikono Yetu by reviewing documents and coming up with a to-do list. Past interns have informed us that our internship is quite self-directed – if this is the case, I want to have my own personal goals going into the internship so that I can make the most of my time here. In addition to mapping kitchens, ensuring yogurt producing consistency, and meeting the Yogurt Mamas, I want to work with more partners and other organizations to further expand the program into more schools, orphanages, and working groups. I believe this will be a great way to ensure more of the Mwanza population receives the benefits of Fiti yogurt.

In the afternoon, we met with the three Ivey students at Sainte Augustine University of Tanzania who are teaching a course based on the case method of the Ivey Business School at Western. We met at Copenhagen burger shop, which had incredible burgers and fries! They are only in Mwanza for a total of a month, 2 weeks of which have already gone by! It seems as if their Swahili skills are similar to ours, so I have faith that we can all improve in the coming weeks.

When we arrived home, we all fell asleep! I slept until 8pm, woke up for a few hours, and slept again until the morning. It seems as if the time change is still affecting us. Additionally, the heat and walking are extremely draining, and I’m feeling very lethargic throughout the day. I’m hoping that I’ll adjust to this soon, or find a solution.

I can’t wait to begin at Mikono Yetu tomorrow!!

Kwa heri,


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